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Don’t Miss This!

51193452_2682733765085054_481027532469043200_n When I want a fun fantasy read with the perfect mixture of excitement, romance, and snark, I know that author H.L. Burke will not disappoint. That’s why I was so excited when I had the opportunity to beta-read her upcoming book, To Court a Queen. Burke has a real gift for writing believable dialogue and her storylines are always engaging. In To Court a Queen, we meet Sir Devin, a rascal of a knight with more than a dash of Han Solo in his personality. Captured by fairies, our hero faces a rather difficult dilemma — should he attempt the tests that will win him the hand of the vain Fairy Queen, or should he just let her turn him into a frog? To find out what happens, preorder your copy here! The book releases on February 18!

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